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09 November 2009

Seed Allergies at School

Unless you are looking for information on sesame seed allergy--and even then, information is fairly scarce--finding information on seed allergies is challenging at best. I have a few questions about seed allergies on which I am hoping those of you with seed allergies can shed some light.

  • What are the best sites or sources for information about seed allergies? 
  • Are there blogs focusing primarily on seed allergies as there are for peanut, nut and dairy allergies? 
  • Also, what sorts of accommodations are families with seed allergies asking for and receiving at school?
  • How do seed allergic families feel about school accommodations for peanut and tree nut allergies in comparison with those existing for seed allergies?
  • What sorts of challenges have you run into in terms of promoting awareness of seed allergies at school--in the cafeteria or the classroom?


Karen said...

I have seen a staff member at play centre tell off a parent who brought in a "may contain nut" product.

Ten minutes later she sat beside a child with a sesame allergy with a sesame seed bun. They ran off, knowing they signed in that her child had this allergy.

The same staff refused to remove a water play activity that had red food dye, also someone allergic to red food dye. Lik two year olds will not splash water!

The child with a sesame allergy was anaphylactic. The adult with the red food dye was also anaphylactic as well.

I'm not saying peanut allergies should be ignored, just they are not the only allergy.

Unknown said...

Karen, thanks for your comment! I agree wholeheartedly. Would love to hear how schools are making changes to accommodate less common allergies such as sesame, sunflower, etc...

Karen said...

One classroom in our school is fish free (not the whole school).

Fish is also banned in one workplace in our city. Then again fish allergy is fairly common compared to seed allergy.