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16 December 2009

Free Shipping on Allergy Friendly Gingerbread House Kits

There's still time left to purchase an allergy friendly gingerbread house kit or gingerbread people from A & J Bakery. The gingerbread house kit is $30 with free shipping and comes in two versions:

Nut Free: Contains egg, dairy, gluten, wheat and soy. They are made in a dedicated nut free facility.

Allergen Friendly: It is peanut, tree nut, wheat, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, and sesame free. They are all made in a dedicated nut and gluten free facility.

A & J Bakery supplies "all of the pieces of pre-baked gingerbread house, 2 types of Allergen friendly free candy (Gimbal's fine candy company all allergen free candy) and a variety of non-edible decorations for your decorating pleasure." They also include instructions for the construction of the house. 

A & J Bakery's nut free and allergy friendly gingerbread people come with Gimbal's jelly beans and a recipe for icing. The gingerbread people are $1.50 each.

The deadline for gingerbreadhouse kit orders is December 21, 2009, so call soon! The telephone number is 866.426.9075

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