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13 December 2009

Holiday Sale: Epipen Holders at Allergy Essentials USA

Looking for a discreet epipen (epinephrine injector) holder or carrier for yourself or a loved one? Now is a good time to shop and take advantage of the holiday special currently available from Allergy Essentials USA. Shipping is always free and the price is extremely competitive--only $19.99 thru December 31, 2009.

The Epissentials Epipen Holder was designed by the mother of a food allergic child, right here in southern New England. It's made from neoprene, is very lightweight, and is available in two styles--single or double. The carriers come in two sizes to accommodate children and adults and have adjustable velcro straps so they can fit just about anyone in the family. The Epissentials Epipen Holder is especially appealing for those who need a convenient, discreet way to carry life-saving epinephrine--it is worn on your leg and fits perfectly under slacks, pants or sweatpants! It's ideal for athletes and others who don't or can't carry handbags or shoulder bags--guys and dads might find it the perfect solution for keeping the epipen handy.

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Unknown said...

My 23 year old uses his ankle epi-pen holder from Allergy Essentials all the time! He loves it.

Unknown said...

Hi Ann! Thank you for your comment--it's always helpful to hear some feedback.

Allergy Essentials kindly gave me a sample several months ago. It is a great product--fits great and is very well made.