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26 January 2010

Is That Food Really Safe?

We really take our chances with food, don't we? A year or two ago, there was some issue with packaged salad greens. I haven't bought bagged salad greens since then. There was, of course, the famous peanut butter contamination problem. Everyone heard about that. Now there's a salami salmonella problem coming out of Rhode Island. It's really scary. With food allergies, celiac disease and other conditions, even if there's no E. Coli or Salmonella worries, we still have to worry about cross-contamination with certain foods. It can be a matter of life or death, or cause unforgettable sickness, so constant vigilance is essential.

Here is yet another story that makes you think twice about what exactly is in our food and how we put our lives and our trust in the hands of food manufacturers: Local Bakery Closes After Gluten is Found in "Gluten-Free" Bread Claim.

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