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09 February 2010

Valentine's Ideas from Food Allergy Buzz Friends & Sponsors

Still stumped for a Valentine's Treat for your food allergic loved one? If you order today, you may be able to purchase one or more of the following goodies from some Food Allergy Buzz friends in time for Valentine's.

Allergy Apparel offers unique t-shirt and hoodie designs for allergic kids. In fact, new designs will be unveiled very soon. They also offer Epi-belts, medical jewelry and books. Plenty of non-candy gifts to choose from!

Allergy Grocer offers so many delicious allergy friendly choices. I think there truly is something there for everyone! Take a look at the treats below!

Valentine Make Your Own Candy & Cookie Gift Kit
Give as a gift or make it yourself and give chocolate lollipops and cookies for Valentine’s Day! This sounds like so much fun.

White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Heart Shaped Lollipops Kit for Valentine’s Day.

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate wafers for making your own candy designs.

Chocolate sunbutter cups (YUM! We tried these and they are incredibly tasty! See my earlier post)

From A & J Bakery :

Heart felt cookie kit ( 8 cookies nut,egg,dairy free) that come with sprinkles and frosting  $12.00  ships nationwide

Carmel covered apples ( egg,nut, gluten free). We tried one--they're FANTASTIC! (see photo below) Honestly? Best candy apple I've ever had. Ships nationwide $9.95

White choc raspberry cheesecake ( nut free ) ships nationwide

Coffee cake ( New Item) apple, and or blueberry Nut and Gluten free. (We got to try a blueberry one. It was delicious! The boys and I especially loved the crunchy streusel cinnamony part inside.)

A & J's own chocolate lollipops all are nut and gluten free as well.

Dean's Sweets
A nut-free, peanut-free treasure for chocolate lovers, Dean's Sweets offers amazing chocolate truffles, perfect for Valentine's Day. The chocolate stout truffles do not contain dairy and many of the truffles do not contain gluten. We tried a variety of their truffles and they were phenomenal! I can't say enough about them. If you or your nut allergic loved one enjoys chocolates and chocolate truffles, these are worth every penny and then some! Stay tuned for more on Dean's soon!


cloudwriter said...

This is the second blog I've read about food allergies and this is sensational. I love all the ideas about safe Valentine treats. I will use this for other holidays as well. Keep the good news coming.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rosemary, for the kind words! Each year there are more and more safe Valentines (and other holiday) treats--thank goodness!