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08 February 2010

Be My Valentine but Hold the Candy

I'm still here. Just have a backlog of Food Allergy Buzz stuff to catch up and I'm not sure when I will be caught up! I have a few Valentine's goodies to share with you, hopefully later today.

In the meantime, I thought I would share another little food allergy kid challenge which I know so many of you have already been through--the Valentine's Card exchange at school. I almost forgot that some Valentines come with candy. My 6 year old son reacts to skin contact minute traces. This was confirmed during trick-or-treating at Halloween.

I am trying to decide the best approach:

a) Tell him not to touch any of the Valentines in his "Valentine Mailbox" until he gets home from Kindergarten and ask the teacher to help ensure this. (He is a superb listener and I'm leaning toward this option).

b) Ask the teacher to let me come during the Valentine's festivities so I can "assist" while making sure he does not touch the Valentines. (I'm not crazy over this noticeable special treatment. )

c) Ask the teacher to ask parents not to send in candy. (I am not in favor of imposing on others because of our situation.)

What do you think?
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