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04 February 2010

Visit Peanut Allergy Kid for Today's Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival

Today's edition of the Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival will be hosted by the Peanut Allergy Kid blog (penned by Robyn Adams).

Robyn's got a great blog! Her blog is on my short list of peanut/nut allergy blogs to visit when a newly diagnosed peanut and/or nut allergic family asks where can they find more information about life with peanut allergies or nut allergies. She writes about problems and challenges faced not just by peanut allergic kids but by all food allergic kids, and she has such great perspective on things. I've discovered I like to write to her every once in a while to pick her brain or get her 2 cents on an allergy related issue.

A big thanks to Robyn for hosting this edition, especially when you have your hands full with sick children (not just a cold, but pneumonia) and a new asthma diagnosis. You're in our thoughts!

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