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17 February 2010

Why is Your Bag So Heavy?

Any time anyone else picks up my shoulder bag/pocketbook, they inevitably ask why my bag is so heavy. I try to regularly clean out its contents to eliminate any extra weight. One item I cannot eliminate is my allergy medicine bag.  It contains two epipens, 2 different corticosteroids for my son's eczema, 2 prefilled Benadryl spoons and a tube of hydrocortisone. The asthma inhaler doesn't fit and to be honest, I don't carry it around daily since my son has mild viral-induced asthma (during colds and viruses) and I understand the epipen will do the same job should an unexpected episode occur. (God forbid.) 

I decided to weigh my allergy medicine bag--it weighs 11.5 ounces, about three-quarters of a pound! How much does your filled allergy medicine bag weigh?


Anonymous said...

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Libby said...

Heh. At least the single dose Benadryl are available now. Used to be I hauled the whole bottle around in a ziploc baggie and hoped it didn't leak!

Unknown said...

2 good points. Carrying the epi on your leg saves some of the weight, to be sure. And Libby, I hear ya, I used to carry those darn leaky bottles too!!! Messy even in the ziploc, LOL!