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04 March 2010

Care to Help a European Food Allergy Book Author?

A while ago, I received an email from Danish food allergy cookbook author and mom, Charlotte Peyk. Charlotte wrote a cookbook for egg-free and milk-free several years ago and is now working on a new book. She is requesting some assistance with her new book from U.S. and Canadian moms and other food allergy bakers on a volunteer basis. Specifically, she is looking for volunteers to test her recipes with "American ingredients and measurements together with some proofreading". A few people here have volunteered--thanks!--but she needs a couple more. Charlotte says "I can unfortunately not offer any reward for the testing/proofreading but I have a "Thanks to-page" in my book and I can mention names at that page."

You can contact Charlotte directly at postATmorgenfrue.dk. (don't forget to replace the "AT" with @ in the email address!)

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Every Star Is Different said...

I would love to help out with testing recipes. Unfortunately I tried the address you gave and could not pull it up online. If you could have her contact me that would be great! Thanks!