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02 May 2010

Peanut Butter Blossoms, Summer Temps, and Itchy Hives

We went to a children's birthday party this afternoon. We've known the family for several years. They had a tray of cookies, including peanut blossom cookies on one of the tables. Some children set their cookies right on the tabletop, with no napkin or plate. I make a conscious effort not to worry unnecessarily or to make my son worry. I silently wondered about invisible peanut molecules on the children's hands, on the tabletops, and every other surface their hands touched. 

It was an abnormally warm day here--my thermometer read 86 degrees--and my allergic son often gets hives and is itchy in the summer. He seems to be very sensitive to heat. I don't know if the hives appeared because of the warm temperature today or because of exposure to microscopic bits of peanut, but he was  itchy everywhere for the rest of the day. Good 'ol Benadryl--what would we do without you? Thank goodness we don't have a bottle from one of the recalled lots!

This food allergy and heat hive-itchiness today got me thinking--how common is it to have both food allergies and sensitivity to warm temps? What can one do to avoid the itchiness brought on by warm temps other than stay in air conditioning? Playing outside in summer weather is irresistible, so our summers are just...itchy. In fact, our daily regimen for weeks last summer was a dose of Zyrtec in the morning and Benadryl at night to control the itchiness and eczema. I bet there are many of you who can relate--got any tips to share?


Jacqui said...

my DD has the same issue with heat... she gets heat rash quite easily (she is peanut/egg allergic). I don't have many tips other than do the best to keep him cool, and use oatmeal baths, as they are soothing to the skin. It would be interesting to see how common the two go together.

SarahB said...

I only have a few food allergies, and none severe, but I do have a bunch of environmental allergies and I het hives from sunlight. My very food-allergic son doesn't have it yet, but it didn't start for me until 19 or 20.

When the hives are unbearable I usually have to go in for a cortisone shot.

Jenny said...

Just have to say: I hate Peanut Butter Blossoms!!! Even before we had food allergies to deal with. :)PB Blossoms: Go Away!!!

Ben said...


I just stumbled upon this blog because I was researching hives. Those cookies look delicious!

What caught my eye is the part where you said your son was having hives due to heat (possibly). I wonder if he might have cholinergic urticaria? That is a specialized type of itching/hives that occurs due to heat or increase in body temperature.

That is what I have. Anyway, I sure hope he gets better.