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14 July 2010

The Bugabees

We are starting a food allergy book collection for our elementary school library. The very first book I will suggest is the BugaBees

The illustrations, the colors, the rhyme, and the rhythm are wonderful, and I adore the message. "It's okay, I can have fun without (fill in the offending reaction-causing food) anyway!" The story works perfectly for my 6 year old son and is ideal for younger children as well. The characters are insects--what young child isn't fascinated by bugs!? The challenges the BugaBees encounter--Halloween, lunch-time, and other social gatherings--are the same real-life challenges we and all food allergy families experience. It is very easy for children to relate to the characters. Good role models, the BugaBees don't let food allergies slow them down or spoil their fun.

Some doctors' offices provide books to their young patients. I think the BugaBees is a book which deserves that honor at the allergist's office and I encourage you to buy a copy for your allergic child or for your local library.

Kudos to Amy Recob on her lovely book!  

the BugaBees is available for purchase online for $16.95 from Beaver's Pond Books.


Kate said...

thanks for the tip. just ordered a copy for my daughter who will be starting preschool soon. if it's especially good, I'll order an extra for the classroom.

Maria H said...

You also have to include Mary Rand Hess', The Day I Met The Nuts. Entertaining story about a boy's first reaction to nuts and his adventures in finding safe alternatives, ultimately sending those nuts off on permanent "vacation" He has a little friend along for the ride too! My daughter's preschool classes loved it and I know several members in our group up to 1st grade loved it too. Purchase the book through Earth Day Publishing.com and 45% of sales benefit Dr. Wood at Johns Hopkins Childrens Center!

Donna said...

I bought this book at the last FAAN conference and it is lovely. My son enjoyed it and I will share with his class this year. Love the book collection idea for the school library! I have shared books with the classroom but didn't think about the school library!