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03 September 2010

Does Your Child Go to a Food Allergy Friendly School?

Do you have a food allergic child in school this year? How accommodating has your child's school been so far?

Food allergy families new to your school or to your town or those with newly diagnosed food allergies would LOVE to hear how food allergy friendly your school is. If you think your school's made a good effort and deserves a tip of the hat, please let us know. I've created a simple Hall of Fame page here on Food Allergy Buzz where I'll house whatever recommendations come in. It'll be on the honor system. I will take your word for it. We'll start small for now, and can consider something more formal in the future if we get a good response. Let's get started and see what kind of entries we get!

Click here to visit the new FAB Food Allergy Friendly Schools Hall of Fame page and for more details on how to submit your school's info.

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