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20 April 2012

Food Allergy Blog Carnival: Blog Posts due April 25

Hey there, my food allergy friends! The next Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival is coming up soon. I almost forgot about it myself, things have been so busy here! So, if you have a food allergy blog post that you especially enjoy and would like to share, or you're looking to connect with other food allergy blogger folks, please submit your post before 11 PM Eastern on Wednesday, April 25.

Also, we are always looking for hosts for the carnival. The only qualification is that you have a blog and are a food allergy awareness advocate (according to you!). Please email me for more info: jennifer[AT]foodallergybuzz.com. Thank you to the Food Allergy Assistant for hosting last month!

On a completely unrelated note, I have a morning greeting song (for 2nd graders) to share which is stuck in my head. I am hoping if I share it with you, it will not be stuck in my head anymore! I found a video of kids singing the Cool Cat Chugga Chugga song and the lyrics too. I gotta say it's annoying to have it stuck in your head, but the children at school LOVE doing this song. There! Annoying song be gone! :)


Hey there _______
You’re a real cool cat
You’ve got a lot of this
And a lot of that
We all think that your real neat
So move on out to the chugga chugga beat
Hands up chugga chugga a-chugga chugga
Hands down chugga chugga a-chugga chugga
To the front to the back to the side by side
To the front to the back to the side by side

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