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26 April 2012

Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival: April 26, 2012 Edition

Welcome to the April 26, 2012 edition of Living with Food Allergies carnival and thank you to everyone who sent blog posts for this edition. Anyone with a food allergy related post is welcome to submit a post for our carnival, and any food allergy awareness advocate with a blog is welcome to host. Please send me an email--jennifer[at]foodallergybuzz[dot]com if you are interested in either opportunity! Now, without further adieu, our featured posts:

Commentary and Advice
Brian Schardt presents Going Gluten-Free at Work | East Bay Celiac posted at East Bay Celiac.

Sara Dawkins presents 8 Ways to Tell Your Child May Have Serious Allergies posted at NannyPro.com, saying, "Do you ever wonder how you can tell the difference between if your child is just dealing with a cold or if they’re suffering from allergies? If you do suspect that your child has allergies, then how do you determine if they are mild or serious?"

Stacy Molter presents Traveling and Dining with Food Allergies: Legoland California posted at Stacy Molter, saying, "Thank you!"

Food Allergy Friendly Eats

Food Allergy Assistant presents Allergy Free Eggs posted at Food Allergy Assistant, saying, "As we chatted about this on my FB page, we wondered if allergen-free eggs could be dyed beautiful colors like Easter eggs!"

Gael Tannenbaum presents Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream – Round 2 posted at Mad Alex's Test Kitchen Blog, saying, "This is just one in a series of allergy-friendly ice cream posts on our new blog. I think the allergy-free community will enjoy our new blog!"

Suzie Banks presents Dairy Free Milks posted at Aesthetics & Gastronomy.

Personal Food Allergy Stories
Jennifer presents Full Disclosure posted at dairyfreediner, saying, "This blog post is about my struggles with when to disclosure my families health concerns including a potentially life-threatening food allergy, how much information to share when I do and the varied reactions to my different approaches."

Jessica Martin presents Egg-cellent news posted at Food Allergy Sleuth, saying, "I'm a fairly new blogger. Hope this is helpful for any other allergy parents out there!"

Lisa Rutter presents Stephanie & Aeverie posted at No Nuts Moms Group - Blog.

Please submit your blog article to the next edition of living with food allergies carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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