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25 June 2012

Food Allergy Friendly Biz Needs Your Help!

Just received an e-blast from A&J Bakery. They need your help to create something to celebrate the bakery's anniversary--photos of happy customers enjoying treats from A&J. See below!

Dear Valued Customers,
A&J Bakery is looking for your help. We are creating something for our anniversary this year. We are looking for some photos of you and your families celebrating around A&J Bakery products. Some examples would be snap shots of you decorating the family gingerbread house from the kit you purchased from us, to the birthday party pics that you have as the person is blowing out the cake and also the holiday festivities where A&J desserts were present. Anytime when we have made an impact on your life and you have captured it in a photo. Please feel free to email it as an attachment to ajbakery@cox.net. 

Please understand we will be using this photo for publicity and other marketing tools. If you send it it maybe copied and others throughout our client list and customers may see these pictures. So, if your child or others are in the picture and you do not want them all over the place then please do not send them. By sending the pictures you are agreeing to give them to A&J Bakery for our use.  We promise they will not be sold to others. We just want to celebrate you our valued customers in a special way. In a sense you are like our family and we want to see those pictures.

We are looking for the pictures by the latest Wednesday, June 27, 2012.

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