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28 June 2012

Peanut Allergy Friendly Baseball 2012

It seems like the year of peanut allergy friendly baseball. The media has really taken note that there are so many teams--both major and minor league--making accommodations for peanut allergic fans this season. Food Allergy Buzz's sister site, peanutfreebaseball.com, has really grown too. It's been wonderful to hear from baseball teams, food allergy support groups, news reporters, and most important--baseball fans managing food allergies. Fans are starting to post photos of their experience at a peanut/nut allergy friendly baseball game on the peanutfreebaseball.com Facebook page; feel free to add yours too!

There are a few teams which, to my knowledge, haven't announced any peanut allergy friendly seating yet for this season such as: the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Dodgers, and the Angels. I know some of you have written or called them to inquire about peanut allergy accommodations. I am calling and writing as well. I am hoping that those teams still contemplating offering allergy friendly seating this season will visit peanutfreebaseball.com and our Facebook page to see the interest in those accommodations and read posts from fans managing peanut allergy. Unfortunately, food allergies are on the rise, so the call for accommodations has grown over the last few years, and we hope those teams still thinking about it will step up and make some accommodations. If not this season, perhaps next season? We food allergy folks are very patient!

Peanut allergy friendly baseball does not have to mean an entirely peanut and nut free baseball game. Some teams opt for a peanut free game. We applaud them! Some teams opt for a peanut-free section or suite--excellent! Peanut and nut allergic fans who desire allergy accommodations appreciate all of these options. Theses accommodations provide a way for peanut and nut allergic fans to attend a game with less fear of a reaction. Baseball is our national past-time. Going to see a ball game is supposed to be fun, and now it is for allergic fans attending a peanut allergy friendly game. We hope all baseball teams will find a way to make some allergy friendly accommodations for peanut allergic fans--be it a group of seats, a suite, a zone, a section, or even an entire game. 

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Martha J. Beach said...

While peanuts and hotdogs are symbolic in America's past time, allergies are a cause for concern. I am glad of this news as MLB is showing true concern for fans.