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27 August 2012

Food Allergy Friendly Football?

I spotted an article a few weeks ago, which I have been meaning to share with you. It is a story out of Winnipeg about a family's request for a nut-free zone at a new football stadium. The article, Family calls on Bombers to implement nut-free zone at stadium for people with allergies, was featured on winnipeg.ctvnews.ca in early August. 

As you may know, I follow peanut and nut allergy accommodations at baseball games around the U.S. and Canada on my other blog, peanutfreebaseball.com. Personally, I don't connect peanuts with any sport other than baseball. After all, it's in the song! Peanuts are sold and enjoyed, however, at many other sporting events and non-sporting events too.

I have to admit I was really surprised to see bags of peanuts being sold at a Celtics game. It just never occurred to me. I shouldn't be surprised, peanuts and nuts are a great snack, if you can eat them. They're probably sold at Bruins games too; haven't been yet so I cannot speak from personal experience. (But I would LOVE to go! Hint, hint, anyone?) I didn't notice any at the Patriots practice the other day. Everyone was much more interested in staying hydrated and cool; very little eating was going on. 

How about Winnipeg?! It seems to be a particularly peanut and nut allergy friendly city. It was interesting to read that the Winnipeg Goldeyes--the local minor league baseball team--have a nut-free section in their stadium and the MTS Centre--home of the Winnipeg Jets hockey team--is nut-free altogether. I am curious to find out if they do carve out a nut-free section at the football stadium there. I'm wondering if other Canadian cities are equally allergy friendly at sports games. My guess is yes, as so many food allergy friendly products come from Canada and our Canadian friends seem extremely food allergy savvy. Allergic Living, Nonuttin', Onespot Allergy, Leclerc Cookies, and Ange Gardien are a few Canadian food allergy companies I can think of, just off the top of my head.

What do you think? Do you think peanut/nut allergy accommodations are something that should be offered at other sports games besides baseball? Or do you think that's overkill?


Debbie Bruce said...

Commonwealth Stadium - where the Edmonton Eskimos play - is totally peanut/nut free since 2006.
The Toronto Argonauts provided a peanut/nut free suit for 1 game in 2008 and every game in 2009.

Jennifer Buteau said...

That's fantastic! Thanks so much for this info :)