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14 September 2012

EpiPen Training

When managing life threatening food allergies, I don't think it is possible to be over-prepared in terms of knowing how to recognize a potentially life threatening allergic reaction and how to administer an EpiPen or other epinephrine injector. Here are a few helpful links which review EpiPen administration and symptoms of a serious reaction requiring an epipen. Among these links are a few videos which would be perfect for sharing with friends, family, caregivers and/or school staff. If you know of other online resources that address EpiPen administration and recognizing serious allergic reactions, please share in a comment below!

How to Use EpiPen downloadable copy of the EpiPen patient insert, on the EpiPen website

EpiPen Administration Powerpoint Presentation This is a powerpoint presentation for Hampden Wilbraham School District staff, in Massachusetts.

Learn How to Use an EpiPen -- It Could Save a Life This one and a half minute video is from National Jewish Health

When to Use an EpiPen One minute video from National Jewish Health

Video from Nationwide Childrens Hospital

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