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12 September 2012

Food Allergy Consumer: Vermont Nut Free's TANABAR

When my son's peanut and nut allergies were first diagnosed years ago, the nurse handed me a very short list of resources. One of the few resources on that sheet was Vermont Nut Free and it remains one of our nut-free go-to resources today. 

My sons and I were very excited to have the opportunity to try Vermont Nut Free's TANABAR. We tried all three flavors: chocolate chip, triple berry and sweet raisin. Our favorite flavor was chocolate chip. The most outstanding thing about these granola bars is that they are extremely satisfying. Have you ever had a granola bar that's almost like a teaser? It didn't really satisfy your urge or need for a snack? That won't be a problem with TANABARS. They are a very satisfying snack made of high quality ingredients, and you can enjoy them knowing they are made in Vermont Nut Free's dedicated nut free/peanut free facility. Kudos to Vermont Nut Free for making such generously sized granola bars! I thought the portion size was ideal. Moreover, if you like sunflower seeds or sunflower butter, you will absolutely LOVE these granola bars, as there is a slight sunflower seed undertone to each. Our 2 cents: if you are a fan of granola bars and are managing peanut and/or nut allergies, you really ought to try TANABAR.

The FAB Review
Dedicated facility: Yes (peanut/nut free)
Appearance: Attractive, easy-to-open wrapper. Generously-sized granola bar.
Taste: Nice natural flavor; distinctive sunflower seed tones
Texture: Great chewy granola bar texture
Convenience: Perfect for your lunch box, pocket or handbag. Very satisfying portable snack.
Price/value: Box of 12 for $24 on www.vermontnutfree.com; that's $2 per bar.
Buy again? Unsure only because my sons and I aren't fans of sunflower seeds/butter (tastes too much like peanut butter for us!)

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