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22 March 2013

Food Allergy Friendly Supermarket Find: Lucy's Brownie Cakes and Snack 'n Go Packs

We recently tried these great snacks available at a nearby Whole Foods Market: Lucy's Snack 'n Go Packs and Lucy's Brownie Cakes. I am familiar with Lucy's from years ago, when I had a small online food allergy snack business. It was hard not to eat the merchandise! Every Lucy's product I have tried tastes delicious. Even better, Lucy's has a dedicated bakery and they test for the presence of gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts and almonds. No gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts are allowed in the bakery in any way, and peanuts and tree nuts are not allowed in the building at all.

I love the Brownie Cakes and Snack 'n Go Packs because they are perfect for a lunch box, a handbag or purse, maybe even your coat pocket! I feel compelled to recommend them because they're such great products and I hope to see them on store shelves for years.

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