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22 February 2014

Food Allergy Un-Friendly Buffet

Buffets are notoriously unfriendly for individuals with food allergies, but considering what great strides the food allergy community has made in promoting awareness of food allergies the last few years, I was a bit surprised to spot old fashioned cereal dispensers recently at a breakfast buffet. I am more accustomed to seeing those mini-boxes of General Mills or Kelloggs. Even if the cereal dispensers label the contents of each container, how do I know the labels are correct? Presuming the labels are correct, how do I know if the containers were completely clean before the current cereal was poured into the container? What kind of risk of cross-contamination is there? Moreover, what's to stop someone from opening up the container and tossing in other cereals? With the abundance of food allergies in the population, it seems time to retire these dinosaurs. What do you think?



Julie said...

We avoid like the plague!

Jenny said...

Excellent points! Our daughter does not eat the cereal if it is from one of these dispensers for all of the reasons you mentioned. I definitely breathe a sigh of relief if I see the mini cereal boxes.