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06 July 2009

@foodallergybuzz on Twitter

ACK! I went online last night to take a look at what's new on Twitter and discovered my account is suspended. Not only was it suspended but it was being investigated! How annoying!

Guess the Twitter repair guys aren't all that bad. I was back online within hours. Phew! It's be hard to do a Twitter party suspended, lol!


kelly said...

eek! what happened??

Unknown said...

Oh, I got a nice email from Twitter the next morning saying that human error had caused a number of accounts to be suspended accidentally. Being suspended made me realize what a Twitter addict I have become!

Dianne said...

I was suspended today! Funny thing is that I don't abuse twitter - I'm not using it as much as everyone else does.

I've noticed that there were updates on my page that were not done by me.

I'm waiting to hear from twitter because I can't stop them, only delete them.