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22 July 2009

How Do I Get to the Food Allergy Twitter Party? #foodallergy

You've probably read my posts and tweets chatting up tomorrow's Twitter Party. It's kinda fun, kinda hip, somewhat cutting edge. It's a good opportunity to chat live with some of your favorite food allergy bloggers, writers, and representatives and owners of food allergy conscious companies. It'd be a challenge to do it in person, but the internet makes these gatherings much more do-able.

How does one "attend" a Twitter Party, you ask? Well, there are a number of Twitter dashboards available and there's also Summize. They may or may not require your Twitter account name and/or password, but all require one important piece of info--a hashtag. The hashtag for tomorrow's party is #foodallergy. You will need to enter that on Summize or the Twitter dashboard of your choice in order for all other conversations and tweets to be filtered out for you.

Personally, my favorite dashboard for Twitter parties is tweetgrid. You can set it up fairly easily and set up your screen in a couple different ways. I like to have two columns, one for my tweets and one for all the #foodallergy tweets. Then I can follow the overall party conversation and also easily see what I have already Tweeted. They also have some short video tutorials on tweetgrid which explain how to use Tweetgrid and even how to attend a Twitter Party. Here is a link to that page. Number 8 is the video which shows how to "go to" a Twitter Party.

Hope this info helps a bit and that we'll see you there tomorrow! Don't forget, we'll pick one random winner from those who RSVP (and attend!) for an extra prize. Here is the link for the invitation if you haven't RSVP'd yet: http://tiny.cc/uCUw8. See you there! 1 pm EST/10 am PST on Thursday, July 23, 2009. Bring your back to school tips and questions.

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