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16 August 2008

New Peanut-Free & Gluten-Free Candies

Have you heard about Sixlets candy? They’re colorful small chocolate flavored candies--made from carob, I believe--with a candy coating. And they are manufactured in a peanut-free, tree nut-free facility. SweetWorks, the manufacturer, contacted me recently to share news of two new flavors: P-Not flavored Sixlets and More Chocolatey Sixlets. The “original” and new “more chocolatey” flavors are gluten-free too. We had some of the new Sixlets recently and were impressed--the P-Not Sixlets taste remarkably like peanut butter but they’re not! It’s incredible. They’re a perfect fix for those “peanut-avoiding purists” who miss the taste of peanut butter candies. And the More Chocolatey Sixlets are a good candy fix too. Good info to keep in mind for those times when you find yourself near the candy aisle or the candy shop!

Sixlets Allergen Information

"More Chocolatey Sixlets and original Sixlets
More Chocolatey Sixlets and original Sixlets are gluten free, peanut free and nut free. They are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility. This product has some allergens - (Soy) lecithin & (Milk) whey powder.

P-Not Butter Sixlets
P-Not-Butter Sixlets do not contain peanuts or tree nuts. They are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility. This product shares some allergens - (Soy) lecithin (Milk) whey powder, as that of our regular Sixlets. Also, our raw material supplier for P-Not Butter Sixlets cannot guarantee presence of gluten in the soy flour that we use for P-Not Butter Sixlets, so we must say that this product may contain gluten as a precautionary statement.

Cross Contact
To prevent cross contamination of P-Not Butter Sixlets with our other Sixlets, we implement production scheduling to prevent cross contact and cleaning & sanitation validation procedures (ATP) to monitor cleaning efficiency. We also pack these two products separately on separate packaging lines."
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