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11 September 2009

Favorite Epipen Carriers to Provide to Teachers?

I am in the market for an eye-catching, convenient epi-pen carrier for my son's teacher to sport when they leave the kindergarten classroom. The school nurse has asked for something like a fanny pack. Does anyone have a favorite type of epi-pen carrier which they've provided to the school so the epi-pens can follow their child during the day? As you can imagine, I receive information from epi-pen carrier manufacturers and retailers fairly often, but weeding through them is more challenging than I thought! 

I like the Activeaide carrier I have because it attaches to my belt  and I think the Allergy Essentials carrier will be perfect for my son to wear. Now I must find one for the teacher, something easy for her to carry and simple to grab on the way out of the classroom.

Any suggestions?
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