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11 September 2009

Favorite Epipen Carriers to Provide to Teachers?

I am in the market for an eye-catching, convenient epi-pen carrier for my son's teacher to sport when they leave the kindergarten classroom. The school nurse has asked for something like a fanny pack. Does anyone have a favorite type of epi-pen carrier which they've provided to the school so the epi-pens can follow their child during the day? As you can imagine, I receive information from epi-pen carrier manufacturers and retailers fairly often, but weeding through them is more challenging than I thought! 

I like the Activeaide carrier I have because it attaches to my belt  and I think the Allergy Essentials carrier will be perfect for my son to wear. Now I must find one for the teacher, something easy for her to carry and simple to grab on the way out of the classroom.

Any suggestions?


Nowheymama said...

K. uses a red and hot pink soft pencil case. We attached a holder to the zipper.

Anonymous said...

Designed by mothers for parents, teachers and those that suffer with allergies - Take in Case is your solution. Its light weight, holds 2 Epipens and is a discreet way to always have your vital medication on hand.

Visit their site at www.Takeincase.com

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

The school nurse at my daughter's school wears Epissentials EpiPen holder. She wears this on her leg so she always has the EpiPen on her. This can be found at: allergyessentialsusa.com. My daughter's teacher has a 'lunch bag' which has the EpiPens, Benedryl and hand wipes in it. Her teacher carries this everywhere. I found this bag at: reusablebags.com. Look under kids lunch bags. They have some neat, smaller bags that are perfect for EpiPens.

RLR said...

There are several children in my daughter's class with allergies, so there is a backpack that goes along with the class. The school provides a red backpack (or fanny pack) to carry allergy supplies. We just provide everything in a ziplock bag, and each item (Benadryl, EpiPens) has to be labeled with the student's name.

Unknown said...

Thanks for these suggestions. I think the teachers are adverse to the leg carriers and prefer something more of the shoulder bag, fanny pack style.

The backpack idea is good to keep in mind for when there are multiple kids with allergies. Right now, my 5 y.o. is unique in his classroom. Not sure about the other kindergartens yet.

Thanks! Feel free to send in more suggestions on these epipen carriers. I am still on the hunt!

Marketing Mama said...

Have you seen the safety sacks? They are childproofing "ziplock bags" of sort. Our allergist recommended them. Not sure if they are really childproof for the older children, but it's at least another barrier to keep them out of the epi pens. So if the teacher uses a back pack for epis, you could have each child's epis in their own safety sacks, with a sticker with their name on them.

I'm not affiliated with the company, but I do show a picture of how I use them to make our own emergency kit on my blog here -


kelly said...

Such great ideas! I'm so lame...half the time I use ziplock baggies...guess I need to step it up a little!

Anonymous said...

There's a new website, www.onespotallergy.com, which provides the most durable and discreet medication belts, and other products for living well with allergies. Everything they sell is the best in its category. Their shipping fee is $20 to the US, and belts come in sizes to fit children or adults.

mrmedic said...

I found a great website that has wonderful bags in red and blue you can display your child picture in the front and store epipens and meds on the insde with the name card inside http://www.taaag2008.com/