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02 December 2009

Meet 3 #foodallergy #celiac Twitter Party Sponsors

In anticipation of Friday's Twitter Party, I would like to introduce our sponsors.  Today, we feature three, and Friday, we'll feature the remaining three. Please take a moment, stop by their websites, support their businesses and make some purchases! Now's the perfect time--holiday presents!

Allergies and Me
Allergies and Me is an online specialty food store specializing in foods for food allergic and celiac individuals. The site has a stunning selection of food allergy friendly foods and snacks. Clicking on the dairy-free tab alone brings up about 26 PAGES of products. Yes, 26 pages, that is not a typo! As you  may know, Allergies and Me is committed to supporting food allergy friendly organizations. We're very grateful to have their support as an advertiser here on Food Allergy Buzz, and they are also one of the sponsors for the upcoming Holidays with Food Allergies and Celiac Twitter Party on Friday, December 4.

We were pleased to do a Q & A with Allergies and Me founder, Jamie Stern a few months back, in September 2009. Here is an excerpt:

Please tell us more about yourself and your connection to food allergies, food intolerances and/or celiac disease.
We started this company after learning more about the difficulties of raising a child with multiple food allergies. Our best friends have a beautiful four-year-old boy, Jack, who is allergic to Dairy, Eggs, Peanuts and Tree Nuts.  Seeing first-hand what they were dealing with, from first diagnosis to subsequent life-threatening reactions, we made a decision to see how we could help. After researching the online resources available, my vision was formed. Allergiesandme.com was created to help families find a stress-free shopping opportunity to find essential and great tasting products specific to their needs. The website is also dedicated to providing resources for education, support networks and new recipes to try. We offer a platform for new cookbook authors and bloggers to promote their business, which in turn, helps our customers.

Fancypants Bakery
Fancypants Bakery is a lovely wholesale bakery located oh-so-close to home for me! Aren't I lucky?! I discovered their scrumptious cookies at a nearby supermarket a few years ago--imagine my delight when I learned they were nut-free/peanut-free and made in a dedicated facility. Jackpot!  I featured them in The Buzz Around New England about 2 years ago and they just keep getting better and better.

What more can I say? Please take a look at my May 2008 post, The Buzz Around New England: Nut-Free Cookies Get Fancy.

We're thrilled to have Fancypants Bakery as one of the sponsors for this Friday's Twitter Party!

Solutions to Savor
Solutions to Savor is a family business located in New Jersey. The owners are parents of food allergic children so you can be sure safe food options are a subject near and dear to their hearts. They understand the concerns, they live it and they want to make life better for others in the same or similar situations. They deliver locally and ship nationally, and are getting new products all the time. Keep your eye on them--I have a hunch they'll be growing by leaps and bounds in the next year--and stop by the site!

Thanks to Solutions to Savor for sponsoring Friday's Twitter Party.

I am looking forward to Friday's party! Stay tuned--our remaining three sponsors will be featured on Friday, and then Friday night, it's time to P-A-R-T-Y!

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