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02 March 2010

Thanks Food Allergy Buzz Readers and Supporters

Premium Chocolatiers is a new sponsor of Food Allergy Buzz. We are are extremely grateful to them and all of our sponsors/advertisers. Their support of this blog makes it possible for us to continue to share ways to enjoy "the good things in life allergen-free"--like how to find peanut free/allergy friendly baseball tickets and food allergy friendly consumer info such as labeling clarification and new products. Please support our food allergy friendly business friends. The economy is tough on everyone, and we need these specialty stores and businesses for those with food allergies to thrive.

Thanks also to the amazing people who stop by Food Allergy Buzz and read the posts, share a comment, or send an email. Your support and friendship are greatly appreciated, and are a huge part of what makes writing Food Allergy Buzz so gratifying!


Unknown said...

Love Premium Chocolatiers! Their "Milkless Chocolate Bars" are perfect to keep in the freezer for those events where you know chocolate bars will be served and you don't want your food allergic child to feel left out. They're delicious, too.

Check out their holiday collection for Easter candy. The candy is so good that I buy here for both my children, even though one doesn't have food allergies. It's one-stop shopping!

Mom with a Mission said...

Congratulations Jennifer on the new sponsor!